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Best status and love phrases for whatsapp

If you are in love or you are meeting a guy of your choice, then of course you would like to share some love phrases for WhatsApp with him and this is why I started collecting my original phrases to share with you Done and you can send it to the person you like.

Love is amazing, it has its own beautiful things, like forgetting all your problems and really thinking about how beautiful it would be to be next to half of you that complements you daily.

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But for love and that romanticism to persist over time, being strong in its foundation from the beginning, you must develop it through acts of love and the best thing for it is how much you love it.

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp
Best status and love phrases for whatsapp


We currently have many modes of communication, especially social networks and Internet chat, which make it easy for us to be constantly connected and send your feelings in real time at that moment, regardless of distance.

This is why sending direct messages via Facebook chat or Twitter is so helpful, but what currently dominates as an instant means of communication is WhatsApp Messenger and it’s a big advantage to express what you feel You have to take advantage of it. that person.

Never give too much time to say something because when you say it it may be too late, if you feel something, express it and say, show your idea with your mood and share that you How much they love, remember or just want to be together.

Always think that this is what you want them to do with you so that the person you love, do it yourself.

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Surely you must be giving me a yes answer !!!

All human beings, both men and women, we want them to surrender to us, that they are thinking of us all the time and above all they are pending with actions only with words.

So saying good morning with a good message or dedicating a sweet dream just before bedtime is an act done by lovers, couples and lovers.

Because being present with a dedication, quote, poem or phrase, as I share with you, is something amazing and they are quick and simple tasks that captivate the heart, fall in love day by day.

Short love phrases for whatsapp

I will start by sharing with you some of my favorite short love phrases for WhatsApp in which I am inspired by past relationships as well as messages that I have received during my life that are definitely used to share Can.

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp

  1. You are not the kind of person who only deserves this, but you deserve my whole life.
  2. The word “I love you” I always felt very strange, but since you came my way, I have learned to love it.
  3. I can’t help that when you look into my eyes it shows how much I love you.
  4. If you come close to me, my heart starts beating wildly.
  5. My heart knocks at the door of love.
  6. I feel like I’m in love because every time I see you I sigh.
  7. During the night I no longer need to turn on the lights because when I see you, you are like the star        that illuminates me.
  8. By talking to you I realized that we know each other from another life.
  9. There are no words to describe the happiness I came to know that I am going to meet you today.
  10. This WhatsApp message is just to let you know that I love you.
  11. I miss those kisses that we gave each other as if we were two teenagers.
  12. A nice touch is one that reminds me that I will always be loved.
  13. I don’t need anything else in this life anymore because you are on my side and you completed me in my fullness.
  14. Good night dear dear, always remember that I will be there to take care of you in your sweet dreams.
  15. I want to be in your thoughts by day and in your dreams by night.
  16. Whatever I lived in these years, I realized that I love you like I never lived.
  17. Do you know why I find life beautiful? Because you are my reason.
  18. A strange flower to live in the rain, the same happens to me when I don’t see you and I can’t hold you tightly in my arms.
  19. When I wake up you are my first thought, and when I lay down to sleep you are my last wish.
  20. This beautiful day was unmatched just for the minutes that I was with you.

Basic love phrases for whatsapp

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp
Best status and love phrases for whatsapp
  1. I really want to kiss you in public, but I know I can’t.
  2. When we see each other I want to feel my mouth on mine to merge into an eternal kiss.
  3. Your eyes are so penetrating that it reaches my soul that then connects my heart to love you.
  4. Those are just two words of love that you can change my life by referring to or messaging and that is, I love you.
  5. I am afraid to tell you everything that I feel for you, but today is the day to declare all my love for you, do you dare listen to me?
  6. I am not very romantic but if you give me a chance to be my princess then I am ready to be.
  7. I kindly ask you to click on me to know if what I am feeling for you is a dream because I really do not want to wake up.
  8. Thinking that distance will be a factor for me to forget, it is wrong to say that you will never read this message.
  9. I want to fall in love again but for this I need a person who can achieve this and that is you.
  10. Explaining how important you are to me by text message is not really enough for me. to put love phrases as status on whatsapp

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp

  1. You took me out of a deep hole of sadness just by telling me that you love me. Thank you!
  2. Every time you see me and share your dreams with me, your smile makes me light.
  3. While it is far from over, these are the messages that bind us throughout our lives, remembering how much fun we had together.
  4. You are the most beautiful thing in my life and that’s why I love you.
  5. Can you stop seeing me And start kissing me!
  6. We want the same but there is something that stops us, let’s remove prejudices and completely rein in our crazy love.
  7. If you manage to love me as I love you then the world will burst with love.
  8. To love someone is not just to tell him that I love you but to be aware of what he wants and wants.
  9. I wanted to tell you two important things for yourself: when do we see each other? Because I need to feed on my kisses.
  10. The memories of the first time I saw you are like a continuous picture in my mind and it never fades. (thank God)

love phrases for whatsapp download

  1. Asking if you want to be my girlfriend on WhatsApp may be a little cold, but the warmth of my heart will melt the message showing you my true feelings.
  2. I kissed where we were that night, I need to repeat that moment for the rest of my life, will you allow me to not be forgotten?
  3. The distance between us is something I hate with all my soul, but I love like crazy when you kiss me because you missed me.
  4. My heart was incomplete, I had felt it since I was born, but then when I met you I realized that you are what I was missing.
  5. Cupid is undoubtedly very intelligent because for every fool there is a fool.
  6. I am thinking of you at the moment and I need to see you from the photo as well.
  7. There is nothing impossible about it, I’m sure, because when I was a kid I imagined my prince was attractive there.
  8. I am going to love you not just for one life, but for the whole life, which I live and reincarnate.
  9. In romance novels, they say that love is crazy and that is why I am ready to go crazy for you.

long love phrases for whatsapp

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp

  1. I always say that you are similar to my favorite love song in English, I don’t understand it at all but I love it so much that it is always on my mind.
  2. When I was a kid I asked when I would fall in love and then I understood that this is not something I have to look for, it passes by itself as if it was an art of magic, a boy or he The girl who appears like you and the magic of love unfolds, blurts you out of life but gets closer to what you love.
  3. Thinking that something makes you happy will not be completely complete without your partner sharing that moment, so always think about how important it is to walk this path together and enjoy the new experiences until the end of your days How important it is to experience.
  4. The crazy things that I do for you. I realized that I don’t do them for anyone else and that’s partly great. If you know how to value it, I hope you always take care of my heart. Keep it and not hurt it because I give my life into your hands and I need them to make me feel loved constantly.
  5. I don’t really know what happiness is, but I think if being happy is feeling these butterflies in the stomach as teenagers say then I’m very happy to share this phase of your life with you.
  6. Never doubt that you are everything to me, so always remember that when you have doubt, jealousy or insecurity the most important thing for me is always you, and I put you first in all my decisions.
  7. I don’t care what happens in the world, I am separated from reality, I only care about living my life, our love phrases for whatsapp with emoticons

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp

  1. Sorry if I can’t congratulate you today, it’s because I’m about to kiss you when I’m going to give you that I can’t use my fingers to write to you so much was thinking. 4
  2. The biggest joy of this year for me was to love you and that’s why I want you to know that I want the rest of my life to be the same. 4
  3. If you ask me now that I have fallen in love with you, I do not know, it may seem a little strange that I tell you, but you can be sure that I am the happiest person in the world because it happened. 4
  4. I want to lower the moon for you but I want you to illuminate the path for me with your positive energy which always makes the impossible possible. 4
  5. Today I am feeling happy because I have learned to touch the sky with my hands, because from your side you showed me how beautiful life is.
  6. When you turn on your cell phone you are going to have a cataract of love messages that I sent you by whatsapp about how much I love you.
  7. I am selfish because I like that all your hugs and kisses belong exclusively to me.
  8. How can I forget you if you gave me the best days of my life where my smile was reflected in front of the mirror whenever I thought of doing anything with you. 4
  9. When you ask me what I like most about you, it is easy to answer you because I love everything about you, even bad.
  10. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday on this special date, being with me is the best gift you can give me.
  11. It is terrible for a human to be heartbroken, but I am lucky that it never happened to me, nor do I think it will happen to me because the love we have for each other is infinite.
  12. Previously we were friends and now we are dating, I want to ask you if you want to be my husband by the end of our days. 4
  13. Friendship is beautiful especially when you know that your best friend is your best lover. 4
  14. Did you realize that we are both in love? 4
  15. I love that you love me and above all you love me. 4
  16. It has never been so easy to find half my soulmate because I found you at the exact moment when Cupid killed me. 4

love phrases for whatsapp songs

  1.     If you are a positive person then there will always be positive things with you.
  2.     I was born to be a real person and not to be a whole.
  3.     Always think that it is most important to enjoy life, do not waste time on things that do not matter.
  4.     Life and love are better when you have friends.
  5.     Miracles are because you appeared in my life so you are my blessings.
  6.     I have failed more than a thousand times not to fail you.

How to download love phrases for whatsapp?

Best status and love phrases for whatsapp
Best status and love phrases for whatsapp

The way to download the phrases is very simple, all you have to do is choose your choice and if you are on the computer with the right mouse button then click on it and select the download so that you can store it in a folder or on the desktop. .

On the other hand, if you have a cell phone or mobile phone, it is advisable to press with your finger on the image you want to download with love poems.

Then a window will appear with several options where you will have to select and touch the «download image» again with your finger.

A message will open where it will notify you that the image was downloaded and you can open it for viewing from your phone.


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