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life quotes short and sweet

Life is too short but sweet quotes

life quotes short and sweet-Life is short, try to make it sweet to the beings you love, this sweetness will return to you. If there is a silly proverb, it is the one that claims that art is long but life is short. Since I was born, I keep experiencing the opposite.

Life is terrifyingly long, it drags itself around, it repeats itself, it rehashes, it has no mysteries, it eats up nine-tenths of your time. life quotes short and sweet.

There is barely a tenth left for art, of which we can well say that it is short, the unhappy, desperately short, eroded on all sides by hassles, pleasures, tragedies, disappointments, trivialities. , hemorrhoids, pleasure travel.

Life is too short to dispel it in silliness, in levelness, in nonsense hollow than a cloud, and more tasteless than the water of a swamp. life quotes short and sweet It is filling oneself with nothingness to occupy one’s hours in this way. You have to use them as well as possible, and get straight to the point.

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life quotes short and sweet

quotes on life short and sweet


  • Life is short! Hey! what does it matter? What need do you have to stay on earth for so long? Heaven is for good works, and not for long works. Be afraid of living badly, but don’t be afraid of living little.
  • Life is short, alas! the cloud in which we are enveloped will soon vanish, and the bubbles floating on the stream of life will be lost forever in the abyss of eternity.
  • Life is too short to consume the best part of it on unnecessary things.
    The happiest of men is he who has lived a long time, and who has found his life short.
  • It is not true that life is sad and short. On the contrary, it is long and delicious for those who have solid confidence in the good Lord.
  • Life is a short, rough road, strewn with thorns.
  • What a motive for endurance to know how short, precarious and miserable life is!
  • Life is short, and time has wings, it takes with it our joys and our pleasures.
  • Life is short, we never have too much time to rejoice in the hearts of all those we love.

life quotes short and sweet

short but sweet quotes


  • Life is too short to waste it on foolishness and sacrifice it on empty rattles.
  • The man born of the woman is a being of a few days, full of trouble: he grows like a flower, and he is reaped like her; it flies like a shadow, and passes like it.
  • You have to know how to bother, so that life does not seem too short.
  • Man is a being of a few days, he flies and escapes like a shadow; while its life falls like the leaves, other buds replace it, bloom, and fall in their turn carried away by the wind.
  • Life is short, workmanship is long, and everybody should acknowledge their cutoff points.
  • Life is short, you have to fill it every moment.
  • Let’s take advantage of every moment, life is short and death eternal.
  • Let us hurry to love, to console, and to do good because tomorrow we will be no more.
  • Life is too short to even think about despising, reviling, and chastening.
    Life is too short to complicate it with hate.
  • Life is so short, the moment of death so uncertain, every moment is precious.
  • Life is too short to spend on bitterness.
  • Life is so short and death so sudden! let us hasten to rejoice those who pass as they pass.

life quotes short and sweet

life short makes it sweet quotes


  • Suggest that being soft and smooth is the best way to overcome resistance. Adapting leads to victory, while polarizing leads to conflict
  • What starts sweet ends sweet. And what starts out bitter, becomes sweeter.
  • If my heart is cloying, you are partially responsible for it.
  • If you want to find friendship, sweetness, and poetry anywhere, take them with you.
  • Inexpressible and nameless is that which constitutes the torment and sweetness of my soul, and which is even the hunger of my entrails.
  • Women soften our nervous roughness, our excessive individualism; they bring us back to the spirit of our race.
  • That which is flexible and soft is superior to that which behaves rigid and violent.
  • Who does not know that without women no contentment or satisfaction can be found in our whole life, which without them would be totally wild and alien to all sweetness, and harsher than those of wild beasts? Who does not know that only women strip our heart of all its vile and low thoughts, and make it disappear …

life quotes short and sweet

short and sweet thoughts about life


  • Sweetness, when sincere, is an invincible force.
  • Your sweetness as an act. Or radiance that ties the memory, saves from the scrapes of the night.
  • You have to instruct the youth by laughing; reprimand her vices with sweetness and do not scare her with the name of virtue.
  • In bitterness, you will want sweetness, and in war, peace.
  • When love boils, it sweats because it is too hot.
  • To love is to see beauty, to feel wide, to judge extensively.
  • Everyone carries his bowl in the pan of pain.
  • The greatest sweetness in life is to admire the one you love.
  • Jealousy is only the foolish child of the ego or is it the disease of a madman.

Top Most Beautiful Quotes on Marriage

life quotes short and sweet

  • Choose the best to declare your love to your partner, write your wedding speech, your invitations, or thank you cards!
  • Whether they are verses or phrases from poets or writers, love quotes from movie lines, sayings of philosophers, old sages, or other intellectuals, they all have one thing in common: they will touch your loved ones or your loved one! Don’t wait any longer to find them!

short and sweet quotes for Marriage life


  • I decided that my life was too simple. I really want to complicate it… with you.
  • I didn’t ask myself if I had a right to love him. I just liked him.
  • Don’t need to memorize the most recent patterns for your wedding?
  • The greatest truth we can ever learn is that all you have to do is love and be in return…

Famous poets short and sweet quotes about marriage

life quotes short and sweet

  • Love is as clear as day, Love is as simple as hello, Love is like bare hands, It is your love and mine…
  • Paris has little for those who love each other with such extraordinary love.
  • A dream without love is a forgotten dream.
  • The most perfect love is you and I, which have become synonymous.
Quotes about a marriage of famous life short and sweet
  • To cherish is not to keep an eye on each other, it is to keep an eye on a similar area.
  • You have to love yourself, and then you have to tell yourself, and then you have to write it to yourself, and then you have to kiss each other on the mouth, on the eyes, and elsewhere is.
  • Life without love is life without the sun.
  • Believe it, true affection is inexhaustible, endless, constantly like itself: it is equal and unadulterated, without cruel pretense, it is seen with white hair, constantly youthful at the most fundamental level.
  • My love, this is the thread that holds my life.
  • True romance happens when mortification doesn’t happen, at this point unusual.
  • There is no greater love than being involved in giving your life for the one you love.
  • When two eyes meet in love, they are talking to each other.
    An existence without love, however one has otherwise, is an empty, aimless life.
  • When we make love, the soul dances in the eyes.

life quotes short and sweet

quotes on life short and sweet about marriage


“Life without love is not worth living.”

“I will create a domain where love will be the best, where love will be the law, where you will be sovereign.”

“Because you’re the only one I can tell you I’m no longer afraid of getting old because it’s you.”

“And that’s all. One point is you. I love you like that.”

the most beautiful quotes on marriage


“Where there is love there is life.”

We hope you have been impressed by these wedding quotes, whether it is to inspire you when writing your wedding speech, to personalize your invitations, or to personalize your thank you cards.


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